Welcome from the Managing Director

17 February 2014

Welcome back, I hope you have all had a lovely break and are rested and ready to face another year. A Special Welcome to our seven new groups, 33 new Coordinators, approximately 100 new leaders and countless new mums and children attending MOPS for the first time. I hope you all love MOPS and have a great year.

The theme for 2014, will be exciting and challenging as we discover who we are and learn that our story is no accident of history but a road well travelled to a destination well planned.

The term A Beautiful Mess seems like an oxymoron. How can those two words be put together?  Beautiful, speaks of perfection of form – physical beauty, gracefulness, harmony and charm.  Mess is defined as a state of disorder; unclean; confusing; and embarrassing situations.

And yet this encapsulates so many areas of our lives: Mothering, marriage, our homes, relationships and even, dare I say sometimes our cooking.

This year the program takes us through all the areas of our lives that fit these categories and while we may not turn all our messes into something of complete beauty, it will certainly give us a greater understanding of ourselves, and so tools for change.

This year’s curriculum also encourages us to tell our story.  Creating our own autobiography may be an interesting challenge for the budding writer, but terrifying for those who feel they don’t possess the skills to articulate it.  But don’t be daunted, everyone has a story to tell; interesting life experiences are not just restricted to the “storytellers”.

As mums we often forget who we are in the midst of working, caring for a house, husband and children.  This can lead to a lack of identity, which is often the cause of deeper psychological issues such as depression, resentment and rejection.  Telling our story not only helps others understand us, but also helps us to understand ourselves.  Revealing oneself to others can be difficult, but also healing.  MOPS is that safe place where we can be real, sharing our successes, failures and dreams for the future, and feel understood and loved.

This is my twentieth year of rewarding involvement with MOPS.  I have loved watching mums grow and change, have their questions answered and their confidence raised.  MOPS offers so much to so many including our husbands and children.  This year is not so much about mothering as it is about the mother. This year is about you, embrace it, learn and grow.

Why?  Because better mums make a better world!

Margaret Sanders

Managing Director 

MOPS Australia










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