Walk Your Way To Conference

10 February 2014

That’s right. This year we are encouraging you to walk your way to the Australasian Conference in Sydney. Every dollar you raise for Mothers on the March will get you one step closer to Conference in October.

NOW is the time to start planning your 2014 Mothers on the March event. Mark the 22nd March in your calendar. Will you walk from your chartering church to a park? To a shopping centre? Around a circuit? Will you include a bbq breakfast? A morning tea picnic? A family lunch? Will you invite your church to walk with you? Invite community mums? Join with another Group to walk together?

We can’t wait to hear what you are planning. Contact the MOPS Office to register your walk and request the number of t-shirt transfers you think you will need. We’ll also send you ¬†fundraising forms, posters, and a press release you can send to your local paper.

Join the conversation on your State-by-State Leader’s facebook pages, and share your plans for this year’s Mothers on the March. Let’s get talking about walking!

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