Welcome to “A Beautiful Mess”

03 February 2014

Were you glad to welcome in 2014?  Was it good to have a fresh diary to start filling?  Are you excited about the MOPS theme for this year?  “A Beautiful Mess”.  What’s not to love?

Last year had plenty of messes in my part of the world.  And already 2014 seems to hold the promise of more messes.  The comfort of hearing again that God has a plan which will make every mess beautiful is something like the hug from your mum when you can’t hold back the tears.

Here at the MOPS Australia blog we are keen to keep the encouragement and teaching coming to you through 2014.  In the coming year we’ll be using this blog to keep you connected to the community of MOPS Australia with devotions; teaching posts; messages from the amazing Leadership team and Board; and posts packed with information about the events and publications which MOPS Australia is putting together for you this year.

So that’s what you’ll find when you drop in here… but how can you get involved?

I really am so glad that you asked.  Firstly, you’re here and that’s great already.  Mark it in your (fresh new) diary.  Every Monday we’ll be posting those exciting posts here, so please be sure to drop back regularly.  And secondly, when you do (drop back) please make yourself at home.  Leave a comment to help build community with other readers.  And invite other MOPS related friends to drop in too.  Let’s make this a place where we meet and listen and grow.  And lastly, don’t forget to keep an eye out for MOPS Australia in its various forms on Facebook.  Make sure that you are ready to contribute something that you are thankful for each Thursday and ideas and questions on your state’s leadership page if you are a member.

Well, thanks again for stopping in at this, our MOPS Australia blog.  I’m looking forward to walking this messy year with you.


God bless,


Grace McClymont

MOPS Australia Content Manager



3 Responses to “Welcome to “A Beautiful Mess””

  1. Vanessa Ralph says:

    Always love reading the blog. So inspiring. Look forward to a great read each week 🙂

  2. Mandy says:

    Really looking forward to getting started this year with this perfect theme, and reading all the blogs.

  3. cath says:

    Love the theme for this year because it’s something we can all relate to. Motherhood is equal parts beautiful and messy all at the same time!

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