MOPS Awards 2013

25 November 2013

MOPS leaders come in all shapes and sizes!


While we each approach our leadership responsibilities with our own flair, we have a common denominator… we are all appointed by God to fulfil His purpose and in doing so bring Him glory. What a privilege!

Each year the Board of MOPS Australia takes great pleasure in recognising  and honouring the significant commitment and contribution of it’s leaders. The Board receives nominations from across the country for leaders of outstanding quality to receive a MOPS Australia Award.

It has been the pleasure and privilege of the Board to confer 7 MOPS Australia Awards this year, and I am delighted to be able to announce them to you.

The ‘Heart of MOPS’ is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated an unusual commitment to furthering the purpose of MOPS Australia and has made a significant contribution at a national level.

This year  The Heart of MOPS Award is presented to a very  capable and dedicated woman who is an inspiration and blessing to those around her. Lexia  Smallwood has been involved in leadership in MOPS since it’s infancy in Australia at both a local and national level and currently serves as secretary to the Board.


Lexia has an astute mind, is a steadying influence, is quietly diligent, and is a woman of integrity, commitment and wisdom.

The Spirit of MOPS is given to an organisation which has  reached beyond its walls to carry out the vision of MOPS in a significant way in their community, and made a significant contribution to the work of MOPS.

For many years Ben Sanders from The MILK Agency has committed his skilful hand, artful eye and servant heart to producing graphic design material for the MOPS Australia curriculum, banners, posters and flyers, the very successful Better Mum Magazine, the Australianised version of the annual theme logo, and others which has seen MOPS in Australia boast an impressive sharp and professional look. All of this without expectation of remuneration.

We are blessed by Ben’s contribution to our printed and published material and are pleased to be able to recognise his work and commitment with the Spirit of MOPS Award this year.

The Hands of MOPS is given to a MOPS leader who has made a significant contribution to MOPS at a local/regional level.

It was wonderful to read the nominations for leaders who clearly love their MOPS group and the women in it, and give of themselves tirelessly to see women nurtured and encouraged by their MOPS experience, and see MOPS grow in their community.

It was a pleasure to confer the Hands of MOPS on 5 leaders, to recognise and honour their contribution.

In Qld: this year 2 leaders have received awards.

Former Regional Co-ordinator, the irrepressible Karen Askey Doran received her award in a special church service in FNQ.









From Southside International Church MOPS, the quiet achiever and much loved Co-ordinator Yining Cheah was surprised to recieve her award at the Qld conference supported by her husband and children.








In Tasmania: Former Co-ordinator and enthusiastic leader Heidi Sands made a special trip to the conference with her family to receive her award.








In NSW: the wonderfully committed and compassionate Jenny Clisdell who has faithfully served Camden MOPS for 9 years.





In WA: former Co-ordinator, Mentor, Regional Co-ordinator and Conference Convenor Sarah David, an exceptional leader with a heart for mums.





It was very special for each recipient to have family members at their presentation, organised on their behalf but unbeknown to them. Congratulations on your awards.

MOPS as an organisation is proud of who you are and what you do for MOPS.


May God continue to bless each of you.

Karen Dickson

MOPS Australia Board Chair.









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    Thank you Karen! So great to hear about all the inspiring work these women do for MOPS 🙂

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