Change one small thing…

21 October 2013

Suzie O’Neill, the renowned ‘Madam Butterfly’, started her swimming career as a national backstroke champion. When she started to perform poorly and lose motivation her parents gave her the option to opt out of swimming altogether. Suzie enjoyed the water so she decided to continue, but her coach encouraged her to try something new, the butterfly, and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

The disciples also experienced the power of doing something new. Having fished all night with no result Jesus directed them to cast from the opposite side of their boat. I don’t know if they had been fishing from the right side or the left side, but when they made the change, their situation was completely turned around and they caught a multitude of fish. (John 21:6) The same fishermen were in the same boat, using the same net, in the same sea! The only thing they did differently was to trust God and cast their net from a new location. That’s how powerful doing something new can be.

We might not know just yet how powerful one small change might be in our MOPS group but just as the disciples trusted God and made a change in their lives, so have we. But as we approach the end of a year I’m sure that you are listening to God closely, trusting Him with your plans and looking forward to seeing fresh ideas blossom into wonderful plans for your group.

I hope you all start this final term feeling refreshed and empowered to continue in the most important job of your life. Being a mum!

Naomi Bell,





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  1. Rebekah Hordern says:

    Thank you, Naomi. Very relevant to our group right now. Bec x

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