Eternal Hearts

07 October 2013

Do you think that a baby in his mother’s tummy has any idea of what is coming?  Of course he knows his parent’s voices and he’s been feeling the odd poke from the outside world.  But that poor little tike has no idea of what life is like on the outside.  If he’s healthy the first thing that he’ll do is bellow.

For a kids’ talk at church recently I was given the topic of Eternal Hearts with the refernce from Ecclesiastes 3:11b

“He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

A friend suggested using a newborn baby as a prop.  Sitting beside this beautiful six week old boy I talked with the kids about how in a mother’s tummy a baby can hear and even begins to recognise specific voices.  And if we could hear what he was thinking then maybe we’d hear his heart longing to meet these people.  As he got bigger and the space around him got more and more squishy he might be thinking “This is good… but surely there is more to life than this!”  But by no means could he begin to imagine the fullness of life which was waiting for him.

His heart would start to want to hear his parents more clearly; to see their faces; and even to tell them what he’s thinking.

Are our hearts like an unborn baby’s heart?  As we grow and know God more we learn to recognise his voice and we find that we start thinking that there must be more than this… We find that “eternity is set in our hearts” and we can look forward to a time of knowing God more closely, hearing him more clearly, seeing him face-to-face, and even having him listen to our thoughts more directly.

But like babies who have yet to draw their first breath, we cannot fathom what God is doing.  In 1 Corinthinans 2:9-10 it says (quoting Isaiah)

“What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived- these things God has prepared for those who love him”-

I pray that we are listening to God’s Spirit revealing God’s eternity in our hearts even as we grow and learn in this world.


Grace McClymont

Blog Co-Ordinator

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