Victorian Conference Highlights

16 September 2013

I love Conference, it’s just “Conference” because what else comes even close?

Each year MOPS steering teams get to relax, we are treated with welcome bags, fabulous food and laughter. We meet up with old friends and connect with new ones.

“Thanks for spoiling us with a welcoming environment, great set-up, goody bags, worship and time together as mums serving Christ.”

 “[I really enjoyed] the worship and food.”

At the Victorian MOPS conference we were welcomed by the stunning Gubby Norris. She was dressed-to-the-nines complete with trackies and hair wrapped in a towel and with the opening prayer she transformed into a dress & heels!

On the Friday night Daina Zelenewicz introduced the 2014 topic “A Beautiful Mess: Embrace Your Story”. We explored the art of not just telling the details of our story but the “great transfer”, the telling of our story highlighting the life lesson or sticky hub.
We had opportunities to share our mess and brainstorm the sticky hub, what God wants others to learn from our story.

“Loved hearing other people’s stories and testimonies.”

Saturday we heard from Margaret Sanders who spoke about next year’s verse (Ephesians 2:10), we are God’s masterpiece. Not just a stationary or static painting but we are created to continue His good works. In addition to our parents DNA we have been given Gods DNA. The ability to LOVE (even when we don’t feel like it!). Margaret also reminded us that we need to set our minds on things above, not on earthly things (Colossians 1:2). Sometimes like a caterpillar we can get bogged down in the earthly perspective but God sees us from a butterfly’s perspective. A heavenly point of view. She encouraged us to ask God for His perspective on a situation.

“Good to hear what is happening more broadly in MOPS and inspiring hearing others stories.”

Erma Mayes spoke passionately about her (and MOPS Australia) desire for all Australian mothers of preschoolers to have the opportunity to attend a MOPS groups and what that looks like practically. She asked us to pray with her asking for more Field Staff by the end of the year; Two more for regional Victoria, two for Tasmania and two for South Australia. The Field Staff support and train current MOPS groups and help establish new groups in their area.
STOP the press!! A recent up date from Erma three (yes 3!!!) people have approached her wanting to be Victorian MOPS Field Staff. Each one I’m told is already perfectly placed!
Shelley Ritchie also spoke on the Saturday. She was inspirational! Shelley shared honestly and openly about some of her Beautiful Messes and taught us 5 keys to good teams.
1) Understand your strengths and weaknesses,
2) Be a good communicator (also “Be careful what you say the walls have ears”),
3) Be a good listener,
4) Be tolerant and embrace differences and
5) Confront conflicts head on.

“Shelley was amazing – smart, wise, engaging and interesting 100% of the time.”

 “Thank you Shelley for helping me feel that what I was experiencing in ‘team’ was normal and not necessarily a sign to resign or move on.”

Finally I want to thank Jill Sargent (conference convenor) and all the people who gave their time and energy. Thank you, thank you, thank you! All your hard work and organising made this successful weekend happen. Without them and other teams all around Australia we don’t have conferences. Next year don’t wait to be asked, approach Jillian Ross and volunteer your services for Conference!

“Thank-you! I am leaving inspired and equipped to start our group.”

 “Each time I attend a MOPS event, be it a regional training day or conference, I leave encouraged, inspired and full of ideas for the coming year.”


Jo Tippet

Coordinator, Morwell MOPS.





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  1. Jillian says:

    Thanks Jo, for your report of the Victorian Conference. Sounds like it was wonderful and inspirational for all who attended.

    Thanks also for encouraging others to get involved in the Australasian conference next year. We would love to have many leaders involved with the running of this conference, so please let me know how you would like to be involved.

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