Signs of Life

05 August 2013

My husband and I, and our two kids, have just moved from sunny Brisbane down to Sydney. It’s the middle of winter and the cooler weather is taking some time to adjust to! In the front yard there are a number of evergreens, and one huge tree with bare branches. 

I have no idea yet whether this tree is alive or not. It could be that it is just dead wood. And yet, I find myself daily looking up at the branches, searching for signs of life. I am desperately hoping that it is just in “winter mode” and will burst forth with new growth in spring.

If your MOPS group was a tree, what would it look like?  Are the signs of life evident in your group?

Healthy, thriving MOPS groups come in different shapes and sizes, but their Leaders have a number of things in common:

  • Leaders who are committed Christians, and who are proactive about their own spiritual growth outside of MOPS. They cover MOPS meetings with prayer.
  • Leaders who love MOPS! They are there because they really believe “better mums make a better world” rather than out of any sense of obligation.
  • Leaders who keep it real. They laugh together, cry together, and don’t bother with masks.
  • Leaders who create an atmosphere of warmth. They make others (even first-timers) feel welcome and at ease.
  • Leaders who build community. They understand the value of relationships and help mums to connect with each other.
  • Leaders who serve joyfully. They are happy to set up tables, happy to make you a cuppa, happy to wash up dishes, happy to cuddle a colicky baby… happy to serve.
  • Leaders who tap into the wider work of MOPS. They learn from other Leaders at RTDs, Conferences, and online.
How healthy is your Leadership Team? Perhaps you need to work on welcoming new mums. Perhaps “serving” has been delegated to the Hospitality Leader, rather than being adopted by everyone. Perhaps you’ve been functioning in isolation and lost touch with other groups in your state. Don’t wait until the branches are bare! Do something today to keep your group not just alive, but thriving.


Media Manager, MOPS Australia.
PS – The jury is still out on my tree. Will let you know on fb if any signs of life emerge…

2 Responses to “Signs of Life”

  1. JessD says:

    Feeling encouraged Cath! Mentally ticked those items. Can’t believe the AWESOME ladies on our team that I get to serve with. Our team celebrates each other’s birthdays with a verbal love fest. Everyone says things they admire/love/respect about the birthday person. Warm fuzzies are the best. It is such an encouraging environment. Even with a drop in numbers over winter, the atmosphere is always positive.

  2. Miranda says:

    Thanks for this, Cath! I am so proud to work on a team which I reckon does all these things well. Hopefully this post will get everyone wanting to come along to Conference and get inspired to do all those things you mention!

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