Behind the SE QLD Regional Training Day

10 June 2013

A few weeks ago a Regional Training Day took place in Brisbane. MOPS groups from all over south-east Queensland were invited to attend and those who were able to were greatly encouraged and inspired.  I spoke to the lady who put so much into organising the event, Alice Kan.

Recently you hosted/organised a regional training day (RTD) for Brisbane and surrounding districts.  How many MOPS groups were represented on the day?


We had 38 amazing ladies representing 12 groups from South East Queensland.

How many people were involved in the planning and carrying out of the day?  And in what key areas?


I did all the planning for the day. The Stafford MOPS ladies transformed Stafford Uniting Church into a wonderful space for teaching and discussion. The ladies from the Southside International Church made some beautiful little welcome gifts as well. I asked leaders from various groups to help with little bits and pieces, to make sure that I wasn’t “running the show”. Everyone was so willing to contribute, which was a great blessing to me. It meant that I could focus on preparing the sessions that I was taking. Thanks also to Naomi Mathiesen – Adelaide Regional Coordinator for the use of some her material, which I incorporated into the day.


What was the major theme presented on the day?


It was called “The Journey”. We talked about personal and team aspects of leadership, and how God takes us all on different journeys to get us to where we are, and to move us on to where he wants us to be.


What surprised you most about the day?


The amount of effort that each team put into their “journey meal” at lunch time. I asked each team to provide their own journey-themed lunch. Catlin from Cooroy with won first prize with her cute and simple lunch, which actually included “MOPS” in it, made from a fruit strap . A special mention must go to Woolloongabba MOPS who featured Noah’s  Ark. My mouth was watering as I walked around the room. My ham and salad roll didn’t look as enticing after that, but I did eat it all!

Have you had much feedback about the day?


Lots of positive feedback, and really useful ideas to include for next time.


Where did you find inspiration for the RTD?


Having been on an incredible personal journey (that’s far from done) over the last few years through my involvement with MOPS it seemed like a logical theme to travel with 😉 Thank goodness for all the materials that we are provided with as leaders at all levels.


Are there any lessons that you learned from pulling together the RTD?  Or words of wisdom for someone facing a similar task?


I really need to work on my communication with the host MOPS team and church, and give them more notice about my ideas for the day – so sorry Stafford ladies! I also can’t believe that I forget to ask someone to take photographs on the day 🙁 Thank goodness for our camera phones!


I would also encourage you to PRAY and DELEGATE! Praying helps you to stay connected to God and keep your eyes on what He wants for the day, and delegating helps to create a sense of community, and stop you from running yourself ragged.

Thanks so much, Alice, for your candid honesty and your dedication to the MOPS community!  May God continue to be your guide and companion on your journey.



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  1. SquiggleMum says:

    It was great Alice. Love you sister!!

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