A Holiday Activity

17 June 2013

The school holidays are on us again.  We have a love/hate relationship with mid- year breaks.  While its nice not to have to get up so early on the cold winter mornings, we also have to interrupt our normal daily schedules, plan wet weather activities for our kids and endure the noise and mess involved.

For those fortunate enough to manage an escape to warmer climates, winter could be a better time for a break than the hot busy Christmas period.


Regardless of our circumstances it is important that we take a break – says one who finds it hard to manage any significant time out of the office and almost impossible to switch off a brain that is always planning ahead.  But rest, relaxation and a change of pace is important for good relationships and physical and mental wellbeing.


Taking a “break” is like a detox, where we abstain from the busyness and stresses of life and allow our bodies and minds to de-stress and de-clutter, to reduce muscle tension and mental and physical tiredness.




Doing nothing however, is not the answer, in fact it is impossible, especially for mothers of preschoolers, but changing the things we do or the way we do things can be as good as a holiday.


The secret of balancing our work, parenting and relationships, is managing our time well.  Work out what is important and where you want your life to be; now, in five years and ten years.  Then prioritise your goals and progress toward them.  Prayers, hopes and dreams are important but alone they will not get you there.

Goals and dreams require action:

  • De-clutter your life and your mind of all the things that hold you back from achieving your goals.
  • Manage your time and life and deal with distractions,
  • Learn to delegate – it is not only good for you but also for others.
  • Take time to think – John Maxwell suggests taking 60 minutes everyday for creative thinking – it’s a positive use of sleeplessness.


When life is happy and positive there is no end to what we can achieve.  When we are discouraged, depressed and disorganised our productivity is adversely affected.  If that’s where you’re at, change your life by realising that the only difference between success and failure is attitude, not ability.  It’s as simple as adopting a half full, rather than half empty approach to our circumstances and translating that to action.


During this holiday break take time to break with old attitudes, de-clutter your mind of old thought patterns and habits and realise that you are God’s Masterpiece created in him to do the good things he planned for you long ago.  

Eph 2:10


Margaret Sanders, Managing Director

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