Mothers on the March 2013

06 May 2013

We came, we walked, we conquered!

That was the message from many MOPS Groups all over Australia, on April 20! We had 32 groups participate in this years Mothers on the March event, with lots of positive results. Not only did the MOPS Mums have a great time, strangers were touched, informed and inspired by our MOPS groups! That’s fantastic!

Western Australia takes out the “State Award” for most participating MOPS Groups, very closely followed by Queensland and then Victoria. For the first time since Mothers on the March started, every State had a participating MOPS group!


Check out some of these stories:

  • Morwell in Eastern Victoria had 42 walkers and approximately 15-20 in the “support crew” who couldn’t walk but shared lunch all together at the end of the walk.
  • Waterfront MOPS in Geelong, Victoria, are a brand new group who hadn’t even had a MOPS morning yet, but decided to use the event as an opportunity to promote their new MOPS Group. They had several walkers, plus a team cooking a BBQ for the conclusion. They sparked lots of interest from their community, and even had a sizeable donation from a stranger who just wanted to bless them!
  • One group handed out flyers and balloons to people they passed, to raise awareness of their group.
  • Many groups commented how fun and fabulously enjoyable their day was – a great bonding experience for their group!

Make sure you collect your sponsorship money from your participants, and send it through to MOPS Australia, so they can send you your reward vouchers! Money needs to be in to the MOPS Office by the 30th of May.


Thanks to EVERYONE who participate in Mothers on the March 2013. A super special thanks, and pat on the back, to all event organisers – it can be a big job, and you have all done extremely well.


Check out some of the wonderful photos from this year’s event, and stay tuned for an even bigger, better and more exciting event in 2014!







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  1. Yvette says:


    Can anyone tell me who made the pictures that are in frames/ collage style thing with the circle with text in it. There are two (one has a pic of a dutch pancake van) and they look great.

    I’d really like to know how you did that if you don’t mind sharing.

    Yvette Cherry

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