Plunging Deeper Into Relationship

29 April 2013

As I pondered this year’s wonderful MOPS theme, the thought arose in my heart: What prevents us from naturally living out strong, deep relationships? One reason, I believe, is that to successfully PLUNGE deeper into relationships, we first need to PLUNGE deeper into ourselves.

Do we really know the person God has created us to be and;                                                       are we living true to that person?

That is, a person who knows and accepts their strengths and weaknesses, a person who does not pretend to be someone other than who they are.

Are we living AUTHENTICALLY?

As Christians we are not meant to compare ourselves with others in order to judge our self worth nor are we to use comparison as a guide for judging if we are where we are meant to be spiritually. Yet so many of us fall into the trap of comparing… We compare…

  • the time we rise for our morning devotions,
  • the number of Christian books we have read,
  • ministry role titles,
  • upfront ministry V those working behind the scenes

Last year, I read a book that lead me further along the path of freedom from such unhealthy comparison and further along the path of authenticity; ‘The me I want to be, becoming God’s best version of you’  by John Ortberg.

In a nutshell Ortberg says: “God designed you to be you. When your life is over, he will not ask you why you weren’t Moses or David or Esther” or Sherry Surratt CEO of MOPS International. (my adlib!)

God is not in the business of creating clones. He is not in the business of comparing you to any other person.

What God intends, is to transform you into the best YOU, you can be, the you he intended you to be when he first thought of you, knitting you together in your mother’s womb.

God’s transforming work will not turn you into a different person, a person with a different personality or gifts; He will simply make you Youier.

As you delve deeper into relationships this year, don’t waste the opportunity to become the person God designed you to be. Otherwise, the world will miss out on the gift you were meant to give.


Erma Mayes



5 Responses to “Plunging Deeper Into Relationship”

  1. Jillian says:

    Thanks for sharing this great message Erma. A good reminder.

  2. Heather says:

    Erma you wise thing you! Love it and as you say we fall into this trap and need to remember we are unique and God created us that way and we are all precious in his sight.

  3. Miranda says:

    Thank you for this reminder. Especially love “He will not turn you into a different person… He will simply make you Youier.” Brilliant!

  4. Joan Gordon says:

    Great article Erma.
    Thank you
    Such a precious message for us all …just to let God build the real me

  5. Carol Hovenden says:

    Emma, The Lord new I needed to read that.

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