Leading Ladies – Jo, Tasmania

04 March 2013

From the ground up MOPS is organised and run by amazing women.  Every couple of months we’ll be taking time to meet a sample of these women and catch a glimpse of who they are, what makes them tick and why MOPS means so much to them.  This time we are meeting Jo Parry, the State Conference Convenor from Tasmania.

What are your three favourite things to do on a weekend?

As cliched as it is, of a weekend I love to spend quality time with my three children. For me  that involves taking them to church, or spending one on one time with each of them. For myself on a weekend I love the time I get to spend worshipping God on our church worship team in which I play the flute and sing. My other favourite pastime is scuba diving. The amazing world under the ocean is such an escape… It’s such a serene tranquil and quiet place, I find it an escape.



How long have you been in your role as Tasmanian Conference Convenor (and what roles have you held in MOPS before it)?

 This year is my second year as Tasmanian Conference Convenor. Last year I found it challenging as it was my first time convening and I felt I had to lean heavily on many others… This year I hope to be able to expand on what was done last year and add some of my own touches. I have been involved in MOPS at Legana Christian Church on and off since 2006 when my eldest daughter was born. I have held many Leadership team roles including Creative Activities Leader, Assistant Coordinator, Coordinator and Hospitality Leader. Currently in my local group I am filling the role of Publicity Leader.

What do you struggle with in your role?

As Conference Convenor I find my biggest challenge is overcoming my own insecurity about what I can achieve. Aside from that, encouraging people to become involved and participate in conference is the other big hurdle I struggle with.

Why is MOPS important to you?

MOPS is so important to me. Without MOPS and a friend’s courage to invite me along I would not have returned to Christ. I can credit the ministry of MOPS with encouraging me to explore what had been missing in my life and with encouraging me to start attending church again. MOPS  is so important in reaching out to mums no matter what walk of life they are from or what their past holds. MOPS offers a safe place to reach out for support and healing.

How can we pray for you in your role?

Please pray for a successful 2013 conference in Tasmania with lots of willing participants! Alongside that pray for my family’s patience and support through the planning stages of conference, particularly as my husband is not a Christian and at times finds it difficult to understand why I need MOPS.

Can you share a Bible verse which you have found encouraging as a Mum?

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares The Lord. Plans for a future and a hope, for welfare and not for evil.”  There is always a plan… The plan is not ours but God’s and we just need to stop blocking God’s plan with our own plans.


Jo Parry

Conference Convenor Tasmania

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  1. cath says:

    Thanks for sharing Jo. Holding you in prayer!

  2. Jillian says:

    Thanks for sharing Jo. Can’t wait to hopefully meet you in a few months time.

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