Mothers On The March

25 February 2013

Now in its 3rd year, Mothers on the March is certainly growing in momentum, excitement and participation! There have been fabulous stories from groups all around Australia about the fun and success of their Mothers on the March events.

What is it?

Mothers on the March is an opportunity to showcase your MOPS group in your community. On Saturday 20th of April groups all over Australia will be doing the same thing – putting their best foot forward for MOPS!


Groups have become very creative in their planning and running of their Mothers on the March event – walking in CBD locations, parks, playgrounds and even shopping centres. The fabulous Mothers on the March T-shirts, colourful balloons, banners, marquee displays, signs and flags also helped to draw maximum attention and interest.





Why should your group be part of Mothers on the March?

Apart from the fun experienced on the day, MOPS groups have shared a number of benefits from participating in Mothers on the March:

  • One group enthusiastically handed out flyers and spoke to Mums in the area during their walk, and they had two Mums they had spoken to turn up at their next MOPS morning!
  • Many groups used their “Mumopoly Money” earnt last year to send MOPS Mums to their State conference or to buy MOPShop resources for their group.
  • Several newspapers ran a story on the event in various local areas which has alerted the public (and more Mums) to the existence of their group!
  • Many groups reported they had a fantastic day, and found their group has bonded together so much more as a result of their event.


So, what is your group planning for Mothers on the March this year?

How can you make your event bigger, better, greater and grander?

Which MOPS group will be crowned with the “most participants” award? the “most funds raised” award?

Which State will have the most participants? Which State will top the list of funds raised?


The 2012 event raised 50% more money than the 2011 event! What can we do in 2013?


How can you participate?

It really is quite simple:

1.     Let the MOPS office know when and where you will be walking.  Advise the MOPS Office (by phone (03) 5339 6234 or email by the 30th March.

2.     Promote your event! Tell your MOPS Mums REGULARLY – build some excitement about participating.

3.     Raise some funds! Be creative about this – ask your participants to find people to sponsor them for your event, run a sausage sizzle following your walk, a cake stall or garage sale. The possibilities are endless!

4.     Once your event details have been worked out, contact local media. This is a great way to let your community know what is happening!

5.     “Catch an Eye” – make your event a visual spectacular! Whether you create a colour theme, have balloons, a banner, lots of noise – or all of the above! – make sure people know you are there!


So, rope in the serious walkers and casual strollers, the Mothers of Pre-Schoolers, the Fathers of Pre-schoolers, the families of Preschoolers, Grandparents of Pre-schoolers, Carers of Pre-schoolers, Friends of families of preschoolers! Anyone & everyone, and let’s make 2013 the best Mothers on the March yet!


Juelz Sanders



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