New Things in 2013

18 February 2013

One of the great things about getting involved with MOPS is that it provides the chance to stretch ourselves.

Are you a first time Table Leader who feels like the only table conversation you’ve had for the past few months has involved reminding children about leaning over their plate, or explaining why ice cream isn’t on the menu?

Are you a new Craft Leader who is anxious about how some of the mums in your MOPS group will go with the hot glue gun?

Well, I’m the new MOPS Australia Blog Co-Ordinator who’s feeling honoured and humbled at the thought of bringing together the ideas and insights of so many of our leaders and team members to encourage you this year… and  praying that I can overcome my ingrained fear of schedules and rosters to do so.

I first joined a MOPS group when my twin girls were about six months old.  It was one of the first regular outings we felt comfortable embracing and I thrived on the input of women who had been full time mums for so much longer than I had.  The friend who invited me wasn’t a Christian at the time so my first thought when she invited me was “Wow!  This is a ministry run by a church… and here I am being invited by someone who isn’t even a member of the church.  This must be good!”  And it was.


Now our church has started its own MOPS group and we run a smallish group which is full of mums from the surrounding community.  I have been our Publicity Leader but now am enjoying being one of four Table Leaders.  We really try to foster a welcoming environment for the community mums and we are continually encouraged by the vocal support from our MOPS mums.

Apart from MOPS there are a few other important things which are positives in my life.  I am married to a loving, patient, smart man who I met at a pub… but that’s a whole other story!  And have three great kids who have been very happy MOPPETS throughout their pre-school days.  I’ve also recently returned to doing a few hours a week as a picture framer which was my profession before having kids; I do a small amount of work as an artist mostly doing watercolours and acrylics on canvas; and I blog sporadically at arthousemum.

This year as you embrace your new roles (both at MOPS and in life) please know that you are not alone.  We are all on this journey together and through the MOPS Australia Blog, among other things, we’ll endeavour to walk together.


PS.  If you are a Christian mum blogger or writer and are willing to write articles for the blog please send me a quick email ( to introduce yourself.  We are keen to make this blog a place full of encouragement and inspiration for mums and families!  g





5 Responses to “New Things in 2013”

  1. Rachael Spanner says:

    So lovely to be reading this blog! You know I’m a fan…looking forward to hearing more…. 🙂

  2. Miranda says:

    Great to ‘meet’ you, Grace! Will be forwarding this onto my (ever-expanding – yay!) team.
    Looking forward to an awesome MOPS year 🙂

  3. Julie says:

    Awesome, Grace! You’ll be fantastic 🙂

  4. And you know, I just realised that I forgot to say a huge thanks to Alice who did an amazing job with the blog… and has even provided us with the bones of the first (dreaded) schedule. Alice, THANK YOU! g

  5. Alice says:

    Yay Grace! Thanks for taking over with the blog as I plunge into my new role for MOPS. Lovely photo of you and your precious family.
    xx Alice

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