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05 November 2012

It’s nearly the end of the year and it’s time to start thinking of gifts!  Gifts for kids and husbands and friends.  As MOPS Mums we might also start to think of who at MOPS we’d like to say “thank you” to as the year winds up.  One idea which a few groups have embraced is to dedicate a morning’s craft to making presents to give to the MOPPETS carers as end of year gifts.

Below are some lovely ideas which you and your group could use either to say thanks to MOPPETS carers, or as gifts for people you love and are grateful for.  Thanks to Jo Kilner of Southside International MOPS, Brisbane, who kindly supplied all the photos and instructions!

1.  Accordion Album

You will need:

Heavy Cardboard (from a nappy box etc)

Light card

Decorative Paper

Doubled sided tape




Before MOPS meeting:

Pre-cut the heavy card. Each mum will need 2 4”x6” pieces.

Pre-cut the decorative paper. Each mum will need 2 5”x7” pieces (matching).

Pre-cut the light card. Each mum will need 1 5.5”x10.5”  folded into thirds (like an accordion). It can be longer than 10.5” if you wish, this will give you more pages in your album.





Glue the decorative paper onto the heavy card. Use the double sided tape to affix the edges.

Cut a 30cm piece of ribbon to match your decorative paper. Glue it across the wrong side of the cardboard, so the edges can be tied into a bow on the decorative side.

Glue the light card to the inside of the heavy card, one on each end. This will give you your album.

Fill with your favourite photos, bibles verses, promises or blessings.


2. Tissue Paper Decorated Candles

You will need:

Cheap plain candles

Tissue paper (white and patterned)

Stamps and ink


Hair dryers

Baking paper

Before MOPS meeting:

Get the mums to email you their favourite photos

Print the photos onto tissue paper to suit the candle size. (I sticky taped the tissue paper to ordinary A4 paper, which made it very easy to run the paper through the printer)

Cut the photos out leaving a good 5mm gap around the edge, and packet them up for the mums.

Have plenty of patterned tissue paper ready to use for the mums to either decorate their candles, or use if they didn’t send in photos.


Lay the photo on the candle where you would like it to be.

Cover tightly with the baking paper.

Using a hairdryer, blow over the baking paper. The candle will slightly melt and the tissue paper will stick into place. You will not be able to see the edges of the tissue paper.

Decorate with patterned tissue paper.

Mums can also use the stamps to make their own pattern on the tissue paper, before melting it to the candle.


3. Flower Power Photo Display

You will need:

Wooden dowel (cut to various lengths from 15—30cm)

Mini clothes pegs

Green paint

PVA Glue

Various tissue paper

Embellishments (Buttons, large diamonties etc)

Cup/Vase filled with playdoh or plasticine


Before MOPS meeting:

Cut and paint the wooden dowel green, then glue on the mini clothes peg to the back

Cut tissue paper into squares around the size of the flower template.


Choose approximately 6 squares of tissue paper per flower. Stack together and cut around the template.

Splay the flowers until it looks full, and you are happy with it. Fix with a staple.

Attach to the wooden dowel with PVA glue. Then glue on an embellishment in the centre of your flower. Repeat until you have a full bunch!


Hope you have fun with these!

Grace McClymont

Publicity, Toowoomba MOPS, QLD

4 Responses to “Thank you gifts”

  1. Vanessa Ralph says:

    Great ideas! Thanks!

  2. catlin Evans says:

    really nice ideas – thank you for taking the time to share them!

  3. Emily Old says:

    As a fellow creative activities organiser… thankyou for your lovely ideas! The best bit- the list of what to prepare before MOPS. I always struggle to decide how much to do for the mums before the meetings and often end up expecting them to do too much in the time allocated! Thanks for the time taken to share these

  4. Bec Hordern says:

    Fabulous – thanks for sharing! I have passed these ideas on to our new Creative Activities Coordinator for next year 🙂

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