SA Conference 2012

22 October 2012

This years SA conference saw us plunging into something a little different by starting the weekend with a Mocktail  Party.  We all had fun dressing up in our best dresses and enjoying a nice meal with some very yummy mocktails.  And of course with us all looking like we should be at the Gold Logie Awards, it was only fitting that we should have our very own Gold Plunge Awards.  So for those of us who had plunged into something new this year (eg. new positions or new groups) we were given an exquisite gold plunger.  I’m sure our hubby’s will be very thankful for such a prize possession, the next time the toilet blocks.

First part of the night was “Plunging Deeper with Friends”, where we all opened our messages in a bottle and answered some ice breaking questions.  After our delicious meal, we then “Plunged Deeper with Family” by making some beautiful pearl earrings that we could give to someone in our family that we wanted to reach out to.  We heard from Sharon Lloyd, (the mentor mum at Oakden Mums Next) and how her witness and that of her family, was instrumental in their son’s girlfriend coming to know Christ.

We then “Plunged Deeper with God” and heard how mentor mum Margaret Mount felt God calling her to reach out of her comfort zone and plunge into MOPS at Elizabeth.  It was so encouraging to hear these testimonies, and we all left on quite a high when the night was over – well, all except for one.  Each table held a gold fish in a bowl and by the end of the night, one of our little fishy friends was not looking very happy and we were pretty sure we would see our first casualty.  But after some prayer from one of our leaders through out the night, we came back the next morning, to see him swimming happily away and ready for the day ahead, like the rest of us.

We started with some awesome worship and could really sense the Lord at work during the entire weekend.  We heard from Tegan Bengtson (coordinator at Oakden) and her struggle with being a Leader in MOPS this year.  But she mentioned taking the plunge like Peter in Mathew 14, where he walks to Jesus on the water, and its only when we keep our eyes on Him, that things are possible.  Amazingly Margaret Sanders also went on to speak of the exact same passage and challenged and inspired us all to step out, take the plunge, and fix our eyes on Christ.
We were then entertained with some mummified renditions from The Beach Boys before our “Diving into Leadership” workshop with Naomi Mathiesen.  This was incredibly helpful in equipping us as leaders and gave us confidence as we lead our own groups.

Again we were treated to some fantastic food and a wonderful lunch before heading into our workshops for the afternoon.  This was such a great time for sharing resources and encouraging each other.  During the course of the weekend, we were also encouraged to write down our challenge for the coming year and put it into a vase which the coordinators prayed over at the end of the conference.  This was incredibly powerful and I’m so excited to see what the Lord has in store for South Australia in the coming year! We had a fabulous weekend, and I’m very pleased to inform you that no fish were harmed during this event and all are now enjoying their new pond.

Tegan Bengtson

MUMSnext coordinator, Oakden, SA

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