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13 August 2012

Do you worry about what your kids listen to? If you’re anything like me you want your kids (and yourself) to have access  to literature  and music that uplifts, encourages and teaches the whole family about the life that God intended for each and every one of us.

I’d love to share some of my family’s current favourites.

First up are a couple of items for the kids…

Carpark Parables have been a recent find of ours, thanks to a friend who went to the book launch. The stories are aimed at boys, but my daughters absolutely love them too! The illustrations are colourful and engaging, and the parallels to parables in the Bible are easily recognisable. It’s also wonderful to support an Australian project such as this one. I bought my books from Word Bookstore, but you can purchase them via the website, which also tells you how you can purchase them as e-books.

Carpark Parables website


While preparing for a road trip earlier this year, my husband came across Paws and Tales for our kids to listen to. Each episode tells the story of a group of furry friends in Wildwood. They share their experiences as they and  their families attempt to live lives that honour God. Along the way adventures are had, deep, dark secrets are revealed, relationships are put to the test and friendships are strengthened. There’s also a song that accompanies each episode, which keeps us guessing which style of music we’ll be getting in the next episode 🙂 You’ll need a (free!) itunes store account in order to download episodes and the accompanying notes. Search for “Paws and Tales” under podcasts.

Introduction to Paws and Tales


Now for some music for the grown-ups….

Jessa Anderson is a talented musician whose pop/rock music is performed with heartfelt honesty, and some some jazzy twinges for good measure. Upon listening to Jessa’s voice, it seems quite clear that Ginny Owens is one of her influences. So far she has released two albums, Fundamentally Broken (2008) and Not Myself Anymore (2011). If you go to Jessa’s website and blog, you’ll see that she is mother to a two year old, and that she realises how blessed she is that her husband plays guitar in her band, allowing their family of three to tour together. Jessa’s music is definitely worth checking out!

If you’re looking for some encouraging, and thought-provoking songs then you have to listen to (Music inspired by) The Story. The gifted singer/songwriter  (and mother of two!) Nichole Nordeman was asked to put together an album to accompany a study designed to be used church-wide, called The Story. Nichole and co-writer Bernie Heims have written songs in the first person, of characters from The Bible. Nichole herself sings a duet with Amy Grant on the cd, with other featured singers include Francesca Batistelli and Steven Curtis Chapman. Michael W Smith, and Australia’s own Darlene Zschech perform a duet as a finale to this amazing collection of songs.

(Music inspired by) The Story – track listing

Have you read something or listened to some music recently that you think might encourage others? Please email: We’d love you to share it with us here on the blog!

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