Shine His Light

30 July 2012

Just recently a friend posted this quote on my Facebook wall…
” Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save, they just stand there,  shining.”  
That came on the tail of our women’s conference at church, ‘Shine His Light, at home, in the community and abroad’. It was also just before the conclusion to our home group study on the Mission of the Church – Evangelism. There was definitely a theme developing!

So many directives about how to evangelise, what to get involved in, what’s needed for church growth and so on.  How do I accommodate all those ideas, be effective in evangelising my unchurched friends, not neglecting the mission field abroad, making a difference for Jesus in my local community, while responding to the real needs of some churched friends? Arghh!

My mind ran with plans to invest in the lives of my unchurched friends, how I was going to fit in a trip to India to save thousands, how I needed to write to my local and state members of parliament in response to pending legislation that wasn’t consistent with scripture, what I needed to do to support those around me… and that was all before lunch on a Monday!

Out of this rapid sequence of ideas and instructions was distilled a wonderful truth. My life is one, with the single minded focus of following Jesus, but my audience is many. The fruit of a life that is authentically in pursuit of all things God honouring, is the unmistakable light of Christ. It’s HIS light that influences the churched friend who needs encouragement, the unchurched friends who need to see Jesus lived out daily, the way I respond in financial, prayerful and practical support of missions and community issues.

Rather than separating the recipients of my efforts into different groups, they were in fact one group. I can confidently seek after God, allowing Jesus to change me from glory to glory, and from me will shine the light that can only be Jesus!

Karen Dickson
Chair, MOPS Australia


3 Responses to “Shine His Light”

  1. Gabriel says:

    Thanks Karen. Just the reminder I needed this morning 🙂

  2. Alice says:

    Thanks for this post Karen. I really needed to be reminded of this as well!!

  3. Beck S says:

    You really do have a fantastic way of putting things Karen 🙂

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