Creative Showcase #2

09 July 2012

Have you ever walked out of your MOPS meeting saying “Wow!  What another great craft.  I can’t believe how our Creative Leader keeps coming up with these ideas!”  Well, let me tell you that you are not the only one.  Our Creative Leaders are nothing short of inspiring and the projects that are going on around the country every time a MOPS group meets are wonderfully diverse.

So here are a few photos of some favourite crafts sent in by MOPS mums from a few different groups as a kind of thank you to all the fantastic Creative Leaders who continually inspire and amaze us.

Bec, Dalby QLD

Some of my favourite MOPS crafts would have to be the jewellery. Two of the best this year have been a set of paper-bead earrings and a beaded bracelet. They are pictured as a smiley face as jewellery makes me smile, especially if I have made it myself.  We have a fabulous Creative Activities leader, Fiona Hall, who has some fabulous ideas and has even got the rest of the year mapped out! She is currently due to have bub #2 any day.


Kylie, Wynnum, QLD

These cups and plates were a real hit with the mums.  It was wonderful to see all the mums expressing themselves through painting the cups and plates, which will stay at MOPS so we can enjoy them each week.  Bridgitt our wonderful creative coordinator does a fabulous job and we’ve very blessed to have her!



Grace, Toowoomba, QLD

This Menu Planner is something that was fun to make and also so incredibly relevant. When Naomi, our Creative Leader, did this craft with us she had just spoken to us about planning and living smart on a budget.  It was such a relevant craft and I use it all the time now.


Again  many thanks to all the Creative Leaders out there who spend so much time and energy trawling though ideas and sifting out the best crafts to share with their MOPS groups.  Thanks for all the hours you spend hunting round the shops to find the best materials, and the evenings and spare time you pour into preparations.  You are champions and what you give to the mums in your MOPS is so important!

In Titus 2:5 Paul talks to Titus about encouraging older women to teach the young women to be “busy at home”.  And while none of us feel like we have spare time, I believe that part of the ministry of MOPS is to remind new mums that they are still creative people apart from the all-consuming mothering.  Craft at MOPS gives these mums the chance to remember a creative and constructive side of their being which sometimes has no other place to be awakened.  MOPS is all about building better mums, and mums with a sense of achievement are mums who have more to offer their families.  MOPS craft matters.

Grace McClymont

Publicity, Toowoomba MOPS, QLD


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