It all began with a dream . . .

25 June 2012

Your MOPS group started because someone had a dream, shared it, others caught the vision and the dream found its fulfillment.

When you consider the years of your group, think about the lives that have been touched, answers sought and delivered, friendships made, skills developed, fun had, you then start to understand the importance of a dream.

Many of our pursuits leave us disappointed.  They are merely time fillers, yes, they can be fun and justified by saying that in this busy period of life it’s all we can manage.  But real leaders don’t work alone, they lead and develop others to succeed and achieve their potential.

Teamwork is the result of a good leadership and a dream, there is no point leading if you are not going anywhere.  A dream determines the destination, attracts followers and creates momentum.   Everyone wants to be a part of something that is growing, going and sowing.  Measurable goals, where achievement can be evaluated become challenges rather than chores.

I want to assure you that at MOPS Australia we have a dream, a goal and a vision for how MOPS will look into the future.  We are motivated and excited about our plans and actions to support “better mums making a better world”.

Where are we going and what are we achieving?

I am happy to report that our National Team is growing, we have five new Conference Convenors this year and we have filled the important roles of Finance Officer, Board Treasurer and Field Support recently.

MOPS now has 114 groups reaching 2750 mums; Australia 111 and 1 each in New Zealand, PNG and Bali with a goal to reach 200 groups by the end of 2013.  This is no mean feat and can only be achieved as we work together using the skills that God has given each of us.  Add to that passion and you have the secret of our success.

I am truly amazed at the skills we have in MOPS and we are anxious to further develop as many of you as we can.  I really appreciate those who have already put their hands up to assist us in the area of their skills.  With no paid staff and limited funds we would not be able to produce our annual Better Mum magazine, without the contributions of writers, photographers, proofreader, editor and designer.  I do hope you will show your appreciation to them by purchasing a copy.  They are available for order at the cost price of $3.00 per copy.

If you would like to assist us in the areas of Publications, Events, Media or Field we would love to hear from you.

I look forward to seeing you at Conference as we “Plunge” into the theme for 2013.

Margaret Sanders

National Director

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