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11 June 2012

This week we’re grateful for another of our treasured leaders sharing her insights on the blog.  Lynne Prideux is a mentor at Mt. Louisa MOPS in Townsville.
Please tell us a bit about yourself.
My original training was as a nurse, which I had a passion to be since a 5 year old child. Once married to my wonderful husband, we went on to have 5 children. I didn’t formally return to nursing, but the passion for caring for people was fulfilled in caring for my family. I still have 2 of our children living at home, with the youngest just turned 15 years. Now that my family is mostly grown up, my passion for caring includes all my beautiful MOPS mums. My relaxation time finds me going for long walks outdoors in pretty surroundings ,which is also a great time to pray and enjoy a closeness with God.
How long have you been a mentor?
At the end of 2012 it will be 7 years as a mentor.

What is something that you love about being a mentor?

Having so many young mums in my life who are all different and have so many interesting stories to share. To be able to connect in their life during this very special stage of mothering is amazing. I really love visiting the new mums with their precious newborn bundle in their own home. Having a growing relationship with the mums on the steering team is also special, as we all share a common goal of impacting the lives of all our mums with God’s love and compassion.

What do you find is a challenge as a mentor?
The biggest challenge is that there are so many real needs amongst the mums and my time is finite. My heart always goes out to those who are struggling in any way, so it is a case of trusting God to show me the needs I can help with meeting, praying for all the mums, but also trusting needs will be met through all of us in the team working together. We also encourage all our Christian mums to see MOPS as a mission field and befriend those in need, either emotionally or practically.
What is the one thing that you think every new mum needs to know?
Anything that can be put on hold while your baby is little is a good thing. A mum’s body needs time to recover from pregnancy and birth. Apart from this, babies grow so fast, don’t be too busy during this very precious stage of mothering; enjoy, embrace and treasure every minute of the time you share together, as each stage creates the foundation for the next stage to begin.

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