Who will you choose to follow Today?

28 May 2012

Currently we are in the midst of Regional Training Days and Conference Planning.  To attend or not to attend Conference is the question for many leaders.

Planning for a weekend away can be stressful for mums, leaving small children with husbands or family, preparing food in advance, and finding the money to go.

In a previous position as a Sales Manager, quarterly conferences were not an option and were a great opportunity to learn product knowledge and sales skills. However, I realised early in my role that while these were very important, to be a success in my role required something more.

As a new Sales Manager I quickly observed that at meal breaks, most broke into small groups of like-minded people and that the group you belonged may well determine your long term achievement, mediocrity or failure.  For me this interaction proved to be the most valuable and rewarding reason for attending Conferences.

I chose to associate with the winners.  That may sound elitist or even discriminatory but it determined my future with the company. I realised that success is not based on chance, neither is it an elusive thing, but depends on the choices you make and the people you follow.

Who to look for . . .

  • Positive Thinkers:

“Is the glass half full or half empty”?  Both contain the same amount of water, viewed from a different perspective.  Positive people see potential, negative people see the obstacles. One wants to fill it up the other wants to tip it out.  Attitude is the difference maker.

  • Good Character:

Success at any price is short lived.  Choose people who display credibility and integrity in the way they work.  Follow people who have a following, with qualities you admire and respect.

  • A Respect for Authority:

Follow leaders who are willing to work with decisions for the betterment of the team or organisation even if they don’t agree.  Listen to those who uphold the organisation they work for and support it in word and effort.

  • Leaders who Raise-up Leaders:

Look for leaders who can work with a team and are able to delegate, share their knowledge and expertise and get along side to support and assist.

  • Wisdom and Knowledge:

Choose people who have learned from their mistakes, honed their skills and have grown in character and expertise.  Look for qualities that you don’t have, that will help and support you in your role.

The expression “It’s not what we know, but who we know” is very true.  But it is all wasted unless we take the time to listen, learn and apply the knowledge acquired.  We all have something to give, freely share it, and we all have something to learn, be open-minded.

Conferences are a great opportunity to deepen relationships with mutual sharing of ideas and frustrations with like-minded leaders.

We will introduce next year’s theme, in my opinion – the best yet.  It will be an exciting year of learning about relationships in an emotionally rewarding way.

Plan to be there – I look forward to seeing you.

Margaret Sanders

Managing Director



3 Responses to “Who will you choose to follow Today?”

  1. Vanessa Ralph says:

    Wouldn’t miss conference for the world…such great fun and very worthwhile meeting lots of wonderful leaders of MOPS groups and sharing ideas!

  2. Kathy Reid says:

    C’mon all you Queenslanders!!! Take the Plunge!!
    See you all there or be square!

  3. Karen Poke says:

    Yes . . . conference is difficult to work around with 4 children and a husband who is busy most weekends. BUT, after many years of attending our Tassie conference, I have never come home disappointed that I made the effort to go!
    God WILL bless you while you are there!

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