Getting creative for Mothers Day!

07 May 2012

Mothers Day is coming, and what better time to do a craft that
Mums can take home and enjoy for themselves. It’s hard to come up with
things that a Mum might need or want, but here are three ideas which you might
like to try with your MOPS group… or for yourself.
Friendship Bracelets (from Riverton MOPS, W.A.)
What you need:
Gold chain
Needlework cotton (divide into three parts so it isn’t too bulky
On table:
scissors, cutters, sticky tape
Plastic ziplock bag containing
  • a needle,
  • three pieces of thread,
  • 3 gold chains cut approx 1cm longer than the circumference of your wrist
(Mums can cut it shorter if they wish to make one for a child).
1. Cut all three gold strands so they are equal length.
2. Thread the needle with one of the cottons.
3. Thread the needle through the first link of chain and pull thread through so that the
gold chain is in the middle. Do a small knot in the thread on the first link to secure it
to the cotton.
4. Thread the cotton through all links of the chain and tie off at the end.
5. Repeat for remaining two chains.
6. Knot one end of the cottons, close to where the gold chain starts.
7. Plait the gold chain together.
8. Knot the other end.
9. Plait the ends- enough to be able to tie your bracelet on.
Tips: Gold chain came from ($2/ metre) and cottons came
from Spotlight (86 cents for 8 metres) (Thread was divided into three strands.)
Friendship Bracelet Chain tutorial
Polar Fleece No-Sew Scarves (from Toowoomba MOPS, Queensland)
What you need:
Polar Fleece in a few different colours
Felt pieces/Buttons/Coloured thread/Pom-poms to decorate scarves
On Tables:
Strips of Fleece cut approx. 20 – 25cm wide (x width of fabric as supplied)
Needles & thread
Decorating options described above
Ladies can choose how to decorate their scarves. The fleece won’t fray, so there is
no need to hem edges.
Options include;
cutting tassles;
tying knots in tassles;
adding colour with buttons in a pattern/row;
adding a row of decorative stitching;
attaching felt shapes; or
cutting a decorative edge.
Tip: Polar Fleece is available from Spotlight for approx. $9/m
Mother’s Day Plaques (Dalby MOPS, Queensland)
Note: This is a bit fiddly to get all the preparation work done, depending of course
on the size of your group and number of people helping with the preparation.
We did 70 kits (including samples) and it has taken a bit of time but I think it’s
definitely worth it.
  • 9mm 1200x600mm MDF sheet
  • 16mm 900x450mm MDF sheet
  • Spray paint in your choice of colours
  • Coloured buttons (we used Beutron bags of craft buttons)
  • Scraps of ribbon/embroidery cotton (if desired)
  • Sandpaper
  • Lead pencils
  • Printouts of the text in various fonts
  • Ruler
  • circular saw/drop saw etc.
Pre-MOPS Preparation:
1. Divide the 9mm MDF sheet into 35 (or however many needed). We made
our plaques 170x120mm.
2. On the 16mm MDF mark out 80mm x 70mm rectangles. Then mark a
point 30mm from the top left corner and the bottom right corner of
each rectangle. Draw a line connecting these 2 points. It should look
something like the diagram below. Each rectangle will give you 2
stands. The stand will be connected to the plaque along this last line.
3. Cut your stands and plaques.
4. Give the edges of the plaque a quick sand getting rid of the sharp edges.
Also give the join line of the stand a quick sand to straighten up the
5. Spray paint the front and edges of the plaque. Allow to dry.
On the Tables:
Craft Glue
Permanent markers
Zip lock bag for each Mum containing a plaque, a stand, a handful of buttons and ribbon.
1. Thread and tie ribbon/ embroidery thread through any buttons that you want decorated.
2. Figure out the placement of the wording and the buttons then either
freehand write or trace the words using the fonts provided onto the plaque.
3. Go back over the lead pencil with your permanent marker.
4. Glue the buttons into position.
5. Mark out half way point on the back of the plaque. Place a fair amount of
glue along the side of the stand that is to be attached to the plaque.
Press the stand and plaque firmly together making sure that the bottom
edges sit flat when put on the table. Remove excess glue from the base of the plaque.
6. If you wanted to you could have a hair dryer on hand to accelerate the
drying process of the glue from step 5.
1 1200 x 600mm sheet of 9mm MDF will be enough to make 35 plaques.
1 900 x 450mm sheet of 16mm MDF will be enough to make the stands for
over 80 plaques.
If you make your plaque larger then you will need to make the stand a bit
bigger as well.
If cutting the stands looks too tricky you could use picture wire instead (or
something similar) to make it a hanging plaque and attach using a staple gun.
If using pale colours for your spray paint you may wish to do an undercoat of
white first.
1 tin of spray paint is enough for 2 coats of paint on16 plaques.
The MDF and spray paint were sourced from Bunnings. The glue and buttons came from
from Spotlight.
For maximum strength in the glue on the stand it needs to lie flat for 12 hours.
Mums will be able to take the plaque straight home that morning you will just
need to make them aware of this.
 is around $2 (less if you have some of the supplies lying around already).

Free Facebook Orkut and My Space Mothers Day Graphics Glitters

I trust that you have found these crafts interesting and hopefully even
inspiring! In the coming year we’ll be looking at what different MOPS groups
around Australia are working on and I hope that if you are a Creative Leader
you will be eager and bold to share some of your ideas with us. Many thanks
to Yvette (from Riverton) and Fiona (from Dalby) for their generosity with these crafts!
Grace McClymont
Publicity, Toowoomba MOPS, QLD

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  1. Tracey Beard says:

    Love these ideas Grace! Thanks to Yvette and Fiona too.

    We also did the no-sew scarves at Lifepointe MOPS (previously Maroochy Baptist MOPS) last year in time for winter and they were a real hit with the mums. I love the plaques and the friendship bracelets – we will have to give these a try.

    Looking forward to seeing more ideas from the groups.

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