23 April 2012

Years ago, I was employed to bring together a staff of disgruntled employees and make them into a team.  After three weeks I resigned, I was sick of the distrust of me and of each other and what seemed to me an unwillingness to change. An attitude of apathy and isolationism pervaded the organisation.  Everyone appeared to be there just for themselves and either worked alone or in small cliques.

Fortunately my employer talked me into staying for three months.  She encouraged me that I had what it took to turn this around and helped me with some strategies and promised ongoing support to get me through this difficult time.  She basically told me to get over my fear of failure and give it my best shot before quitting.

Those three months were probably the hardest period of my life. I worked tirelessly to change the culture of my branch of the company, and return better results backed by the commitment and support of my boss.  We did it and I stayed with the company for another six years.

How did we do it?  By creating a sense of belonging and connectedness, making everyone feel that it was their organisation and encouraging everyone to be involved not for just for them selves but for the company.   We ultimately succeeded, and the entire team reaped the benefits of success and the momentum continued with better monetary rewards, working conditions and a happy and positive work environment.  The adage “nothing succeeds like success” could not have been truer.

MOPS currently has 110 Chartered groups serving approximately 2,750 mums, my goal is that in 18 months we will have another 90 groups.  Realistically I cannot do that alone but I am not giving up my goal, when there are so many mums just like that who need the love support and teaching that we can offer.

MOPS is the largest connected mums group in Australia and we have the mandate and potential to meet that need.  Western Australia have articulated that they wish to start another 10 groups this year and there are others who share the vision and goal, by sharing the need at churches, among the mothers in their groups the need to spread MOPS.

How can you help?

  1. Mothers on the March is an ideal opportunity to spread the word.  Wear your shirts, encourage others to get involved and email your press releases to the local paper.  Make MOPS more visible in your community.  Yes, it is a fundraiser but it is all about raising awareness of who we are and what we do.
  2. Spread the word in your community, ask to speak at your Pastors Network or Denominational Women’s Ministry Conference.
  3. Consider what your future might be in MOPS when you graduate from your present position, it could be that MOPS has a position that fits your particular skills.

We have allocated money this year for more promotional materials to produce banners, brochures and DVD’s more accessible to help with your promotion.

God Bless you all as you serve in your leadership roles as part of your team and the greater team of MOPS Australia.   Join with me in our goal to make MOPS available to 5000 plus mums by 2013.

Margaret Sanders

National Director

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  1. Bec Hordern says:

    Exciting stuff!! Thanks for all you do, Marg. I’m keen to see what will happen in the years to come.

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