Get Marching for MOPS

15 April 2012

Have you registered your MOPS group for the 2012 Mothers On The March walkathon yet? If not, why not?! Here are 5 great reasons to join in on the fun:

1.  To raise funds – Help raise funds for MOPS Australia as well as for your own group.  This year groups receive Mumopoly money for fundraising.  Yay!  For the first $100 you raise you get $20 for your group.  After that each group receives $50 (!!) Mumopoly cash for every $100 raised.  This money can be used as you choose – towards conferences, MOPShop resources, curriculum and more.

2.  To let your community know about MOPS – Mothers on the March is the perfect opportunity to let your local community know about MOPS.  Walk in a public place so that lots of people see you in action. Make sure you get the press release to your local newspaper to spread the word about your special event too.

3.  To be part of the big picture of MOPS Australia – We live in a B-I-G country, but on the 28 April we’ll all be walking together!  So far WA have the most groups walking.  Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of the bigger picture of MOPS Australia.

4.  To exercise together – C’mon… you know walking is good for you. Put the little ones in the strollers, get the bigger kids to walk alongside, and enjoy the fresh air!

5.  To have fun! – Mums always have a great time together. Make the walk even more fun by dressing in a theme or decorating prams and strollers.  You might like to share in a picnic lunch or bbq together at the end of the walk too.




It’s not too late to get involved! Contact us today…

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