What does Easter mean to you?

02 April 2012

The first sentence our daughter put together was “I can do it!” usually repeated three times.  This was said every time I tried to do something for her.  Generally she could.  One particular day I asked her to go to her bedroom to get something for me but she couldn’t reach the door handle.  She tried and tried using every way she could think of but still she couldn’t open the door.  Finally she admitted, “I can’t do it.”  I asked her if she had tried everything, to which she answered, “Yes.”  I replied, “No you haven’t.  You haven’t asked me to help.”

So often we think we can do everything by ourselves.  But there is someone who is more able, who cares, someone who understands our struggles and limitations, weaknesses, emptiness and tiredness and knows when we don’t have the answers.  That someone is Jesus.  He identifies with us because he’s walked in our shoes.  He knew what it was to be poor, exhausted, rejected and misunderstood.  When I grasped that truth, I knew I had a true friend who was able, when I was not.

We are programmed to find hope and fulfillment through relationships.  However, our human relationships often let us down and never quite fulfil our expectations.  We all fall short of perfection and it is those imperfections that cause the tensions and conflicts that erode hope and trust.

The Bible tells that Jesus’ death on the Cross of Calvary paid the price for our sin; the sin that causes us to feel empty, frustrated and inadequate, and has issued us with an undeserved and unconditional pardon.


Christ’s death and resurrection bought us a means of escape, a ticket to freedom.   He opened the door for us to see ourselves in a positive light and has invited us into a life-changing relationship with him.

Jesus spoke these words to each of us when he said “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest”. Matthew 11:28.

All we are asked to do is respond.

Dear Jesus,

When I look inside myself there are areas that I know are sin and because of that sin I cannot have a relationship with you.  Lord I ask you to help me.  I believe that you died on the cross for me.  Forgive me my sins, come into my life and begin a relationship with me, that I might trust you as my Saviour and know you as my Lord.


This Easter as you reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus may you again be reminded of what his sacrifice has meant for you.

Margaret Sanders

National Director

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