Making Decisions

26 March 2012

This year I resolved that to be a better leader I needed to place personal development high on my list of priorities.  So after thought and consultation I decided to do a University Correspondence Course on Critical Decision Making.  The progress has been slow, due to a number of extenuating circumstances, but I have been working through the course material and putting some of what I have learned into practice.

I need to make “critical” decisions everyday, both in my personal life and in my role with MOPS, if we are to continue to move forward and be relevant to those we seek to serve.   These include; direction, finances, growth and promotion at an operational level.


But, I am not alone.  Each one of you have to constantly make decisions involving your work, children, school, and home as well as MOPS.

Here are some simple rules when making decisions:

  1. Don’t be impulsive; start by defining the real issue
  2. Determine what is important; major only on the majors
  3. Think through the tricky issues before saying something you might regret
  4. Procrastination is paralysing
  5. Base your decision on known facts, not on imaginations
  6. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake, we are all human.
  7. Don’t make the same mistake twice, analyse and learn from it
  8. Be objective, decisions made under stress or when angry are often regretted afterwards
  9. Once you’ve made your decision move on.
  10. Decision-making is an important part of personal and professional growth. Learn by reflection to become a better decision maker for the future.

Monthly Calendar

Mothers on the March:

Increase awareness for your group and MOPS as a whole.  Earn vouchers to help cover costs for your group; curriculum material, conference fees or books, banner and other resources.  The money that MOPS receives will go towards better resourcing MOPS for growth; promotional banners, DVDs and Power Point presentations for your promotional activity.

So choose your walking route, visit your local newspaper and submit your press release, iron on your transfers, lace up your shoes and join with MOPS groups all over Australia to show that “Mothering really Matters”.

Regional Training Days

Training Days are an important part of the Leaders’ year and will be held over the next two months.  They are great opportunities to meet other leaders, share ideas and learn.  RTDs give you a sense of belonging, build confidence and strengthen your leadership skills.  They also encourage our Regional Coordinator and strengthen her commitment to the role.  I hope your team will attend and enjoy the fellowship and program that has been put together just for them.


I am thrilled to tell you that we now have 109 groups throughout Australia, PNG and New Zealand.

We would like to welcome the groups that have joined us since the end of the 2011 MOPS year:

  • Manurewa Bible Church:  Auckland NZ
  • Warnbro Community Church: Perth WA.
  • Wattle Grove: Faith Community Church, Perth WA
  • Wangara: Kingdom City Church, Perth WA
  • Mullaloo: Whitfords Church, Perth WA
  • Clarkson: Oceans Church, Perth WA
  • Wynyard: 3C Church, TAS
  • Slacks Creek: Impact Church, Brisbane QLD
  • Cooroy:  Hinterland Christian Centre QLD
  • Murrumba Downs: Living Faith Lutheran Church QLD
  • Sunnybank: Baptist Church, Brisbane QLD

I hope that these will be the first of many to join MOPS in 2012.  However, we still have so many areas in Australia where there is a need, but no MOPS.  Continue to spread the word so that many more mums will have the opportunity that you currently have.

I am sure that you are all aware by now that at MOPS we want to provide every mum with a group to attend and every potential leader with the opportunity, resources and training to achieve their goal as the mother and leader God created for them to be.

Margaret Sanders

National Director











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