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05 March 2012

It is only 8 weeks (or 55 sleeps!) until Mothers on the March 2012!

So your MOPS group is off and running for the year – well done! Now it’s time to dust off your Mothers on the March pack (or “un-bury” it!) and get moving!

On Saturday 28th April 2012 MOPS groups around Australia will be out in force. Why? To tell their community that MOPS exists in their community.

Mothers on the March is a great opportunity to showcase your MOPS group in your community.  To let other mothers know that your group exists and is available to them. So many MOPS groups struggle to know how they can reach their community – Mothers on the March is how!

Our inaugural Mothers on the March event last year had a few teething issues – some bumps, trips and hiccups along the way! However we have learnt a lot and, as a result, we have simplified the process this year. (Yay!) These changes will make it much easier for your group and mums to be involved.

It is so simple to have a great event. This is how:

1.   This year there is no individual registration process.  Groups simply let the MOPS office know when and where they will be walking.  How easy is that? You need to advise the MOPS Office (by phone (03) 5339 6234 or email by the 6th  of April.

2.   Promote your event! Tell your MOPS Mums REGULARLY – build some excitement about participating. Display the posters you have been provided with (in your pack). Iron on the T-Shirt transfers and wear them with pride – everywhere!

3.   Raise some funds! This year groups receive Mumopoly money for their fundraising.  For the first $100 they raise they get $20 for their group.  After that each group receives $50 Mumopoly cash for every $100 raised.  This money can be used as they choose – towards conferences, MOPShop resources, books, curriculum etc (Note: It cannot be redeemed for charters, charter renewals or participation fees).  See the pack for more information. So if your group raises $500, you will receive $220 of Mumopoly Money to spend! If you raise $2,000 you would have $970 to spend! Wow!

4.   Once your event details have been worked out, contact local media using the Press Release provided in your pack. This is a great way to let your greater community know what is happening!

5.   “Catch an Eye” – make your event a visual spectacular! Whether you create a colour theme, have balloons, a banner, lots of noise – or all of the above! – make sure people know you are there!

Other Tips/Ideas to make your event Fabulous!

  • Why not conclude your walk with a picnic or BBQ? (Let the fun continue!)
  • What about joining forces with other groups in your area? The more people involved, the bigger the event and the more exposure gained!
  • Organise your walk in a very public location – local park, lake, playground area, shopping centre! Look for a location where there will be other Mothers of Pre-schoolers possibly hanging around!
  • Create a hand-out in case people enquire about your MOPS group – your walkers can distribute these on the day!
  • Be enthousiastic! If you’re for it, you’re group will get behind it!
  • Have fun! The feedback from the groups that were involved last year was that they had a great time – and a lot of groups have seen fruit from their efforts.


Don’t forget to register your group by the 6th of April.

Get promoting and fundraising.

Put your best foot forward for your MOPS group!

Stay tuned for more updates. If you have any questions regarding Mothers on the March please do not hesitate to contact Juelz Sanders at or the MOPS office at

Juelz Sanders

Mothers on the March National Coordinator


PS. My family and I will be in South America at the time of Mothers on the March – however we are packing our T-Shirts and will be finding somewhere to take a stroll on the 28th  of April! Stay tuned for the photo of MOPS in South America!



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