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27 February 2012

Margaret Sanders National Director:

From all reports the year has started well for most groups with many new mums showing up on day one and others yet to start.  There is certainly a growing need for more MOPS places, many where there is no MOPS group.  If you know of churches that need a group, I am happy to plant a seed.

MOPS Australia Awards Nominations:

Each year, MOPS Australia award one deserving MOPS team leader per state the “Hands of MOPS“ Award for outstanding service to their group.  This is presented at their State Conference in the presence of family and friends.  Nominations for these worthy recipients must be received on or before May 1 to be eligible for the award.

There is much happening at MOPS in 2012 but I will allow my team to share the news from their departments:

Cath Oehlman: Media Manager

Here at MOPS Australia we are working hard to stay in touch with all of you, and keep you connected with each other. No matter how remote your group is, a fellow MOPS Leader is only a click away online.  LIKE us on facebook, and join in with the discussion there any time.  Don’t forget about the Australian forum which you can access from the Leader Login section of the website.  The forum is your place to ask questions, share ideas and network with others from around the country.  If you have any trouble logging in, just email me. Finally, this blog is designed to inform and encourage you.  We update it EVERY MONDAY so please check in regularly, and contribute to the topic by adding your thoughts in the comments space provided.  Hope to hear from you soon!

Juelz Sanders: Mothers on the March National Coordinator

So, what’s happening in 64 sleeps time? No, it’s not your best friend’s other friend’s mother’s cousin’s friends wedding. No, it’s not your long awaited ingrown toenail extraction. It’s the annual MOPS “Mothers on the March” for 2012!!!

Each Group has received their pack so you should have ALL the information and tools to create a fabulous “Mothers on the March” event in your MOPS area. If your MOTM pack is currently gathering dust on a shelf somewhere, or maybe at the bottom of an in-tray with the bills and “to-do” lists… it’s time to dig it out and get cracking!

Why not join forces with other groups in your area and create a mammoth event? That way you can also share the organising!

Your task list:

1.    Work out a location and time for your walk.

2.    Promote, promote, promote – you have been provided with flyers, the T-Shirt transfers, etc in your pack.

3.    And don’t forget to send out the press-releases (also in your pack) to media organisations – newspapers, local radio, local TV stations.

4.    Get your MOPS Mums on board

Put your best foot forward for your MOPS group! And have a blast!  This year almost half the money goes back to the group in the form of Mumology vouchers to be spent as you choose for the benefit of the group.  The rest will go toward promotional materials so that more mums can enjoy the benefits that MOPS offers.

Jillian Ross: Conference Manager

We are beginning to plan some great State Conferences this year.  I am so excited that you will be able to use the Mumopoly money your group earns from Mothers on the March to go towards Conference registration fees.  How many leaders will your group be able to support to go to Conference?

Please mark the date of your Conference in your diary and plan to be there.


State Date Venue
Queensland / Northern Territory 17 – 19 Aug Alex Park, Alexander Headlands
Western Australia 17 – 18 Aug Lifestreams Church South Perth
Tasmania 31 – 1 Sept Camp Clayton, Ulverstone
Victoria 14 – 15 Sept St Phillips Anglican, Doncaster East
South Australia 12 – 13 Oct Oakden Baptist Church
New South Wales / ACT 19 – 20 Oct Boronia, The Tops Conference Cnt.

Donna Hill: Field Staff Manager

All around the country MOPS groups are starting for the year.  Mums are eager for that fortnightly haven of adult time, while their children are cared for in MOPPETS.  From Merredin (WA) to Townsville  (QLD) to Launceston (TAS), Field Staff are also busy.  Our Area and Regional Coordinators are the first point of contact for your group, they are ready and willing to help and support you, whether you are new on your leadership journey or an “old-hand”.  We also welcome your contact, whether it’s a question or just to hear how you are doing.  Some groups currently don’t have a Regional Coordinator and whilst we are looking for people to fill these positions, we are also looking at ways we can continue to support these groups.   If you would like to find out more about what’s involved with being a Regional Coordinator I would LOVE to hear from you!

We are currently planning Regional Training Days and you WON’T want to this great event. This is a chance to learn, share and network while having fun and making friends!

We currently have 109 groups and growing, but daily I receive emails and phone calls from mums where there is no group.  Our goal is to meet the needs of “every” mum and we can only do that, as we are able to provide places for them.

Make it your prayer, so that together we can help them find that haven that you experience in MOPS.

Margaret Sanders

National Director


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