Playing the Game of MumSense

06 February 2012

During the holidays my family has been playing a variation of Scrabble, called Twister Scrabble.  It is very much like the original version of Scrabble except when you put tiles on certain marked squares you get to pick up a Twister card.  These cards have things like “spell a word backwards”, “take a tile from another player” and “take someone else’s score for their go” written on them. My parents, who are avid Scrabble players, struggled a bit with the twisted rules!

Often life, especially life as a Mum or MOPS leader,  can be a little like this game.  Just when you think you have it worked out things change or become a bit twisted.  For example, your toddler decides to drop their day sleep or your guest speaker cancels at the last minute.

This year’s MOPS theme, MumSense: Bold, Loving, Sensible, addresses this issue and helps us gain the confidence we need to make decisions in our mothering and to help us be the best mums that we can be.

Mum Intuition + Common Sense = MumSense

Playing games, mothering and leadership all involve:

  • Being bold & taking risks
  • Loving those in the game with us
  • Being sensible as we figure out what worked & what didn’t
  • Unexpected chance occurring & our paths abruptly changing
  • Needing to listen to experts & friends but also needing to know when our own house rules work best
  • Processing information and working out what is best for my family/MOPS group in a situation

Generally we need others to be able to play games effectively.  This is true in life as well. We need friends, a parenting partner and mentors to guide and support us.  Ultimately we need a relationship with God to play the game of life effectively.

So join with us this year as we learn to be bold, loving and sensible not only in our mothering and leadership but in other areas of our life as well.

Jillian Ross

National Conference Convenor 

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  1. Rachael says:

    Oh so true Jillian. Think I’m going to really appreciate this year.

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