In the Hands of the Master

07 November 2011

I loved reading Alice’s post about “The Race”. I felt so encouraged by that scripture (Philippians 12:2-3). I love that God has everything under control. I love that He loves me; the Bible tells me His love for me is lavish! Wow! I love that He has a plan for my future, for hope. I love that He tells me that there is no place I can go on this earth where He is not! He is with me, tenderly and gently leading me. Guiding me. Directing me and giving my life purpose and meaning.

I wish I could say I had it all figured out, but I don’t. I still struggle with the “stuff” that happens in the day to day. Getting frustrated when my children are snapping at each other. Or despairing at the pile of mess or the huge never-ending pile of laundry. Or feeling overwhelmed with all I have to get done. Pressure builds, anxiety increases, tempers flare… I am not perfect that’s for sure. I keep repeating to myself “I am a work in progress” because I am! Jesus is at work defining, refining and ironing out the wrinkles of my existence! But this I do know without a doubt. He cares so much about the details of the every day normal stuff. He knows how to deal with the circumstances I find myself in. He knows the solutions to my problems. He knows what will happen tomorrow…next week…next year.

Sometimes I feel like a big blob of paint spattered over a canvas, going south because gravity has taken over! But then, the Master comes, takes up his brush and gently, yet deliberately works on one aspect at a time. Little by little the edges are smoothed out, the lines are defined, the colours are blended, enhanced. The picture is taking shape, and there is a depth of character. A light from within resonates with all who take the time to look closer. What began as a blob of raw material becomes a priceless masterpiece.

The transformation wasn’t quick and easy. On the contrary. It took time. Each layer applied with care. Sometimes it was set out to dry before the next step. Sometimes the picture could have been turned any which way (and it was hard to tell whether it was supposed to be viewed up, down or sideways). Sometimes it wasn’t clear exactly what the Master was doing. But then one day, voila! Everything fell into place. I had my B.F.O! Blinding Flash Of The Obvious!  I saw myself in the picture. And it was not at all like I imagined myself. I am definitely a work in progress….and Jesus is the Master. I just have to surrender to Him and allow Him to take control of me. I need to take a moment to pause and reflect on what it is He is doing. I need to understand His heart for me, for my Husband, for my children, for MOPS – and then surrender the canvas to Him.

How about you?

Are you aware of how deeply Our father loves you? (1 John 3:1)

Are you aware that He has a plan and a purpose for you? (Jeremiah 29:11)

Are you aware that He is with you, that He is your constant companion no matter where you go? (Psalm 139:7-9 )

Are you aware that wherever you are, whatever you are dealing with…He is there. Holding you by your right hand, gently guiding you. (Psalm 139:10)

So press on my friend. Run the race He has planned for you. Take courage. Step out and take His hand and trust that He is at work. You are a work in progress! Let go of the brush you’re holding, pass it back to Him and let Him take care of the details.

You are His masterpiece!

Karen Askey-Doran

Regional Coordinator on-the-roam 

2 Responses to “In the Hands of the Master”

  1. Thanks Karen, Just so nice to be reminded of these things. Sometimes “stuff” gets in the way of what matters. Thanks. I’ll pass the brush back to Him right now. grace

  2. Mareesa says:

    Thanks Karen!
    It’s liberating to be reminded that God is ok with me the way I am, and that He is the one who is changing me.

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