In her own little world

17 October 2011

Is Spring infecting your bones?  Are you relishing the chance to chase the kids outside with a broom and say “Don’t come back until dinner!”   Then panicking when you hear… silence.
What was I thinking?  I did that to Hope the other day… it was sleep time, and she was adamant that she didn’t need a sleep… so I said, “Okay then, well, everyone else is asleep inside, and I need to concentrate… so go outside and I don’t want to hear from you…”
After a few minutes of good concentration time, I suddenly remembered that she is four.  And while our house is fenced, and well off the road, well, she is FOUR.  So I poked my head out the front door… then the back door… then the laundry door (we also have a lot of windows) and by then I was a little un-nerved.  I walked briskly round the perimeter of the house, and found her in an obscure corner of the yard standing in the middle of a patch of clover, holding a clover flower, arms out-stretched singing and slowly twirling (think un-coordinated Sound of Music).  I stifled a giggle at both my panic-button, and her beautiful soul, and tried to creep away.  But she noticed me, and the moment was burst forever… She figured that if I had time to come looking for her, then I had time to share with her… so we spent the rest of sleep time trying to be quiet as she interrupted every train of thought that I had with a four-year-old’s questions.  “But Mum, why are you cutting that out?”  “What are you doing with that?”
Now when I send them outside I don’t feel guilty, because the little world that I interrupted that day was so much nicer than spending the afternoon inside with a Mum who really just wants to use the tiny bit of her mind that works for grown-up things!
  • Have you witnessed your own children being lost in their own little world outdoors?
  • When was the last time you allowed yourself to be lost like that?
  • What would happen if you went outside and created some time and space to be with God…? Would you allow yourself to get lost in Him?
Grace McClymont
Publicity Officer, Christlife MOPS, Toowoomba QLD.

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