VIC conference 2011

12 September 2011

They came from near and far. Their purpose? To be inspired, encouraged and equipped in their role as women, mothers and MOPS leaders, and. . . to have some fun!

Was any of this achieved? Absolutely!

Situated on the banks of “Lake Dewar” the views were spectacular, the accommodation very inviting and the company fabulous.

On Friday Night we introduced the 2012 theme.

We commenced the Friday night program with a game that had mums moving in every direction as they tried to answer life’s tough questions and discover their unique mum sense. Wildcards added a sense of fun after some serious decision making, including winning a billion dollars and going to live on a tropical island, unexpected birth of septuplets, and plenty of living happily ever after!

This was followed by a crazy game show skit called “Dilemma” where we met some interesting (but very familiar) Mums – Deluded, Waifer, Disarray and Hesitant who helped us solve some challenging parenting dramas and exhibited some interesting examples for practising our mum sense.


A heartfelt testimony of one mum’s journey touched so many of the women. There was laughter, tears and plenty of hope provided as we listened and learned that there are times in life when situations require wisdom beyond our mum sense.

After some much needed rest in our lovely rooms, we got cracking on a jam-packed day. Margaret Spicer from Crossway Church provided the keynote address, with many insights into our diverse roles as Mother, Daughter, Friend, Wife, Sister and Christian.


Electives and workshops continued the atmosphere of learning and brainstorming and we were inspired and encouraged by the reality of one mum’s testimony of her leadership journey.

Part 2 of the “Dilemma” Game show featured some interesting (and again familiar) MOPS leaders – Duracell, Cruiser, Orderly and Naturale. These characters helped us take a fresh look at some of the challenges we may face in our MOPS groups.

A fabulous and fun weekend was had by all, but it was over all too soon. As we headed back to our lives as mums and leaders, we did so with smiles on our faces, a spring in our step and encouragement in our hearts.

Praise God for the way He spoke to us all through the weekend, in so many different ways; through inspirational teaching, worship and prayer. We enjoyed meeting new friends, chatting with old ones and sharing plenty of laughter and new ideas.

We all left feeling encouraged on the journey of being BOLD, LOVING and SENSIBLE!

Juelz Sanders

6 Responses to “VIC conference 2011”

  1. cath says:

    Looks like you girls had an awesome time down south!

  2. Mareesa says:

    The “Dilemma” skit sounds good! It’s great to hear how excited you are for next year 🙂

  3. Miranda says:

    Great to hear it all went so well and you all had so much fun! Makes me very excited for the WA Conference in 2 weeks!!

  4. Michelle says:

    Nothing like a good conference to renew your enthusiasm about MOPS again, gives you a fresh outlook and new ideas.

  5. Alice says:

    Looks like you all had a ball!! The skit “Dilemma” skit looks like a lot of fun 🙂

  6. Jo Baer says:

    Hi Girls. I so wish I had known about MOPS in time for this conference…it sounds like an amazing and supportive experience; just what I probably need right now!

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