MOPS International Convention 2011

29 August 2011

It’s Conference season!

Leaders from all over the country have either just attended or are packing their bags and instructing their husbands on the children’s weekend activities, before heading off for their weekend of fun and learning. It is a great time to get together, to share experiences and ideas in preparation for the coming year.Every leadership position has an aspect of the ‘theme’ to present in their MOPS group, so it is important that you make the Conference a priority on your yearly calendar. You will be hearing more about the Conferences on the blog over the next few weeks so check in regularly.

This month Donna Hill and I made the trip to the MOPS International Convention and the MOPS Office in Denver. This was an amazing adventure and a tremendous learning experience. We were shocked to find that those who attend Convention make enormous financial sacrifices to be there, with costs per delegate of up to $1000, and for those coming from overseas, even more. Consequently, the atmosphere is electric, with expectations high and a program that does not disappoint.

The Convention was an eye opener, featuring artists such as Sarah Groves and Steven Curtis-Chapman, as well as comedians, Christian Celebrity speakers and MOPS International Staff, all of whom were interesting, informative and entertaining. The MumSense theme was explained and promoted and we all came away feeling Bold, Sensible and very loved.

Mothers are the same the world over – interested in their children and families and wanting to be the best mums they can be. Meeting with women, mothers and leaders of like mind and common purpose, immediately breaks down any differences of language and race and creates an environment of unity.

There were 2,800 delegates at the Conference, from 13 countries and 45 of the 50 American states. Donna and I were ushered into the I MOPS (International MOPS) group. We met with leaders from Central and South America, Europe Canada, New Zealand and India. We listened, shared stories and built relationships with these
inspirational and passionate leaders who are spreading MOPS throughout their nations.

Back at the MOPS Office we had a chance to meet all the people behind MI. They were so generous with their time and hospitality. There were meetings planned with each department, we had opportunity to ask questions and glean ideas to assist us in making MOPS a bigger and better organisation within Australia.

We were also able to enjoy the company of Shelly Radic and Liz Selzer who have very fond memories of their time with us at our 10th Anniversary Conference last October, they pass on their love and greetings to you all.

I look forward to seeing many of you over the next few weekends and pray that your experience of Conference will motivate and inspire you as you “fan into flame the gift of God that is in you” so that you too may be “bold, loving and sensible” in all things.

Margaret Sanders
National Director

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