What’s your lifestyle diet?

27 June 2011

The cry of many is that “I am too busy!”  So many mums long for the time when they will be able to slow down, relax and take life easy.  “It will all be OK, when my child goes to school; when the end of the year comes and extra curricular activities cease; when they get their driver’s license; when I no longer have to work to pay for University fees; when they leave home…” and so on.  We often spend our lives on the run, too busy to enjoy any stage but constantly filling our lives with things we think will make us happy.

I have learned the hard way that satisfaction comes from balance.  Eating all the things we love overbalances the scales and ultimately makes us unhappy, and doing all the things we want to do has the same effect.  Just as a healthy diet means choosing from the five food groups, a balanced and healthy life means choosing one thing from each of the five healthy living groups.  Think about what those five things are for you – those things that keep you sane, keep your family contented and keep you happy.  It may be different for each one of us but the results of choosing what is right for you will make you a more contented and fulfilled person who will have the time to excel in your area of expertise and be able to offer husbands and children the love, time and attention they need and desire.

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Take a moment to look at your life:

  • Where do you feel you are failing?
  • What do you feel you need most?
  • What would be the greatest use of your time?
  • What could you say “NO” to that would not affect too many people?

Most people who over commit themselves end up burning out, then quitting everything because they are exhausted and then slowly building up the number of new commitments and going through the same process all over again.  That is allowing life to control you, instead of you taking control of your life.

Altruism plays a big part in our personal fulfillment and even longevity so it should be on our balanced life diet along with;

Spirituality: people of faith live happier more contented lives

Relationships: cause us the most grief but they also bring us the most joy and fulfillment, which means they are an area of our life that deserves our time.

Education: we need to continue to learn if we are to cope in this world.  That may not mean a formal education, but taking the time to watch educational programs and read books that will stretch us and satisfy our curiosity.

Leisure: being kind to ourselves and slotting in some “me” time is necessary and healthy and aids relaxation and clear thinking. Jesus escaped to the hills to have time by himself and with his father.

Work: we were created to work, whether it be in or out of the home, paid or non paid, accomplishment builds our self-esteem and gives a measurable sense of satisfaction.

Start your Lifestyle diet today

We often achieve far more of what’s important by doing less, and we enjoy life more and have a greater impact on those we have the privilege to touch.

As MOPS Leaders, you have been chosen by God to have an impact on the lives of those who have been entrusted to you.  The rewards can be as great for you as for those that attend.  Slow down, savour the moments and enjoy life.

Reminders from the MOPS Office

Conferences: A great place to connect, share ideas, develop friendships and have time out.  We are running them for the benefit of you and your leaders.  Talk it up and plan to be there!

Hands of MOPS Awards

Do you have a MOPS Leader who has gone beyond the call of duty, exhibiting skills, love, compassion or any other outstanding leadership quality that you would like MOPS Australia to know about?  Contact your Coordinator or the MOPS Office.

MUM Magazine

The launch of our MOPS Magazine will take place at this year’s Conferences.  This is a magazine that is designed for mums, with articles relevant and priced for a wide distribution.  We are currently working hard to get it out for your Conference.

MOPS Permanent Outdoor Banners

We are ready to go to print with these. They are 900 x 900 mls with eyelets and ropes on each corner so they can be attached to a wall, fence gate or wherever you want it to go.  It is colourful and eye-catching with MOPS, Meets here and the day and time of your meeting.  These will be $75.00 plus delivery.  Those groups that participated in the Mother’s on the March Walkathon “fundraiser” will receive theirs at no charge. My plan is to deliver these at Conference, so can you get your orders in ASAP.

New Groups

This is the time of year that churches start planning for next year. If you have MOPS mums in your groups from other churches, then gently encourage them to think about starting their own group.  Offer them guidance and support in developing a team and see MOPS grow in your area.

Thank you, for the role you are playing in MOPS, your time and effort is appreciated by so many.

Margaret Sanders

National Director

3 Responses to “What’s your lifestyle diet?”

  1. cath says:

    Have never thought of a “lifestyle diet” before Marg. Thanks for your thoughts on full, healthy living!

  2. Janine says:

    Thanks Marg, Have you been spying on me? Sounds like my life, and something I’ve been thinking about for a while. The challenge is there’s so many good things to help with, and I love making a difference. Yet I know my family need me too. Achieving the balance can be a juggling act. Thanks for the extra nudge!. Another diet to start LOL 🙂

  3. Lexia says:

    I like your 6 lifestyle groups. It’s a plan!

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